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Trading for Beginners

10% Of Traders Go Bankrupt

Adaptation to the Realities of the Market

Chart Patterns to Avoid

Chart Topping Patterns to Avoid: Climax Top Off a Parabolic Move

Chart Topping Patterns to Avoid: Double Top

Don’t Overtrade!

Double Bottom Chart Patterns

Flat Base Chart Pattern

Interpreting Bar Charts

Looking for Cup and Handle Chart Patterns before Buying a Stock

Notes From The Past - Legend Of Trading

Odds and Edge Probabilities in Day Trading

Pivot Points

Stop Placement

The truth about Buy and sell signals

Trading in Partnership

Trading vs Gambling

Using Stop Loss Orders to prevent an Investing Disaster

What I learnt losing £60,000 my first year as a full-time trader

What is a Pivot Point and why should investors focus on them ?

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