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Trading in Partnership

Trading together with a friend can have its advantages. If one of you has more experience and the other more money, you can help your friend through your experience and he can help with margins. Together, you can trade larger size and perhaps make more profits. However, unless you both agree to the same line of action and what the possible contingencies might be, it is essential that you decide which of you is to execute the trades. It is more difficult reaching trading decisions together than on your own.

If you haven’t decided on the contingency measures in advance you’ll find yourself arguing and disagreeing in the middle of a trade going against you when timely action is of the essence. It can be quite disheartening and dangerous.

If you are not absolutely sure about your partner, and you don’t agree with the way he trades, you are better off trading on your own.

Take for example an instance where the order placed was ambiguous and the broker executed it twice. The traders accepted the mistake and then the market moved against them. The partner with the greater margins but less experience was in charge of execution. He placed the order before the market opened to roll the position out. The market moved against him, he covered the position at three times the premium received and then the market corrected. He was unable to get the other side because he couldn’t watch intraday.

Trading is a business! You must be totally prepared in terms of having a business plan, knowing how to place orders, and being on top of them from beginning to end. Even then things can go wrong, but being unprepared can lead to disaster. The smallest details must be thought of and prepared in advance, but mistakes and oversights still happen.

I came across an interesting concept. The path to enlightenment involves conquering five human weaknesses: greed, fear, ignorance, pride and jealousy. We should be all familiar with the first two, which cause much grief to traders, but the last three can be a big problems, too, so it’s worth pondering on them. Human weaknesses always show up to undermine one’s trading.

Greed makes people stay in a trade too long, or trade too big a size. Fear makes one get out of winning trades too early. Ignorance makes people commit innumerable mistakes. Pride doesn’t allow one to admit one is wrong and often, small losses are allowed to turn into huge losses because one doesn’t want to accept one is wrong. Jealousy can make one trade in a subjective manner.

A detached attitude is a great asset in trading. Trading is war and it is essential that you execute a pre-planned line of action flawlessly and unemotionally. You must be flexible and let things (that are now second nature) take their course. Be like an outside passive observer.

That is why it is so important to be at your best when trading. You must have all possible things on your side. You need to feel totally on top of it, prepared, in top physical shape,

by Joe Ross
June 2004