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Questions From Email Inbox

Thank you for inviting people to learn from your experience. I found that to be very generous. I was hoping you may be able to shed little light on just how to go about finding the right currency pairs to buy.

This is where charting software will make it self-evident for you to know what pairs are ’trending’. Technical analysis using charting software: Elliott Wave, Retracements, Fibronacci patterns, short term trending, etc. Good charting software is invaluable! Look at it as one of your ’costs of doing business’.

I have just begun learning how the FOREX works. There are so few opportunities for the lower economic class to achieve financial independence.

It took us a full year to learn to trade forex to achieve consistent profits, but well worth the time and effort. Forex trading can be the great leveler of the self-investor playing field. I and we believe that with dedication to sound, risk-management trading methods you can succeed.

I’m trying to build a financial base, but I just can’t find a door in. Is it possible for me to participate directly in the FOREX with smaller amounts - like $1000?

Beginning with $1K. is more of a challenge and more of a risk (but not impossible). $1K represents 1 lot in Forex Trading, and that is the minimum (leveraged) trade that can be made. Perhaps that $1K would be better spent on trading education?

I have participated in Forex ’Games’ and other types of online investments that claim to be investing in Foreign Currency (among other things), with returns of 50% a month and more. I actually did get paid. Opinions please?

We strongly urge you to resist any further temptation to send your money away to an investment-type pool (by this we mean do not send your money away to be under someone else’s control and in someone else’s account). It is unjustified risk, there are much better ways to begin to experience profits from forex trading. Many such online investments have totally disappeared into the Internet ethers from which they came. Typically these investments give no contact information, claiming to be ’offshore’, ’for privacy reasons’. They last a few months, their bulletin boards or email newsletters extoll their climbing numbers of ’members’ and pay-outs, then without warning their site goes off-line forever. And you never knew who they were that disappeared with your trust and your money or e-gold.

How do you forecast which currency is next in line to increase?

It is not so much that you want to know when any one currency is going up. You can make profits whether a currency is going up (buy), or down (sell). All Currencies are continually rising and falling relative to other currencies, and forex trading is in fact trading one currency relative to another. Good trading opportunities are always present when you know how to recognize them. Technical analysis using charting software, market sentiment, experience will show you which currencies to pair to trade. Forex Trading is a skill of identifying (and acting on) the probabilities.

How do you choose when to rollover or close positions?

Technical analysis using charting software that (when you learn how to identify what you are seeing) depicts resistance levels (how high it will likely rise to) or support levels (how low it will likely stop dropping at). This is helpful for determining whether to rollover the trade for a bigger forecasted profit the next day. However, a rollover does have additional clearinghouse fees attached. Quick in-and-out trades are closed intentionally with the goal of a smaller profit gain (such as a 4 pip profit).

For example, Beginners, who are learning to read their charts, can do very well closing positions at whatever point they have gained +4 pips profit. This represents a $40. profit (in this example we are trading 1 lot Euro/USD, so 1 pip equals $10.). A $40./4 pip gain is a relatively small move on the chart and may not seem impressive until you consider that If you do this successfully 4 times a day you have made $160. profit. With 4 such daily trades in a four day trading week you will have made $640. (consider also that this is even without the magic of compounding). We leave the monthly and yearly calculations to you.

What indicators do you utilize?

We have tried everything we could ever get our hands on. Over time we have selected the ones that are most consistent and well suited to our trading style. See our review of different indicator tools in Tools of the Trade. You will develop your own trading style (best times of day, favorite currency pairs, best instinctual moving-average chart pattern etc.). But experience with basic technical analysis using charting software is always the starting point. Then you add forex forecasting email subscriptions, Allan Greenspan’s body language (no kidding) etc.

Are there any real time & reliable direct (commission free) market maker entry sites online?

Yes. It is not necessary to pay a clearinghouse (also known as a market maker, or forex brokerage house) an additional ’commission’ for self-trading using their platform/services. They are usually compensated in the ’spread’ between the buy price and sell price.

Source : forex-trader.com